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Womens Trendz Traditional Handmade Jewellery Kolhapuri Mangalsutra Necklace for Women

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"""Handcrafted mangalsutra set. Gives traditional look.

Plating - One Gram Gold Plated, Material : Made from Good Quality Copper Alloy

Design - Traditional, Ethnic, Festival perfect for all Occasions

Brand -Womens Trendz is a leading brand of Fashion Jewellery known for its quality products, collection & trusted by 1000s of customers worldwide. Womens Trendz sells the most phenomenal collection of Ethnic Fashion Jewellery selling since 2013.

Quality - Womens Trendz follows the highest Quality Standards to ensure that you get only the best Quality - proven by our outstanding seller Feedback & product Reviews. Unique Collection, The Best Quality, Secure & Branded Packaging.""

Additional Description

Get a royal look by buying this gorgeous gold coloured mangalsutra and earring set by Womens Trendz. This set includes a mangalsutra, a pair of earrings. Made from alloy, this set is skin friendly. Look beautiful by teaming it with a matching


Get a royal look by buying this gorgeous gold coloured mangalsutra and earring set by Womens Trendz. This set includes a mangalsutra, a pair of earrings. Made from alloy, this set is skin friendly. Look beautiful by teaming it with a matching

Style Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
Brand Womens Trendz
Color Golden
Occasion Festival|Partywear
Material Alloy

Craft's Journey

The tradition of wearing the black-and-gold beaded necklace, called the mangalsutra, has been in Indian culture for ages. The word comes from mangal(Shubh), meaning auspicious or holy, and sutra, meaning thread. The mangalsutra meant so much to a married women that she would wear the necklace everywhere - from housework to a dinner party. The golden beads in the mangalsutra are reflective of changing times. They symbolize purity and prosperity, the increasingly excessive use of them - along with diamonds and jewels as pendants on the mangalsutra - are more so a function of the changing times and growing importance of fashion across India.

The mangalsutra originated as a powerful symbol of love, happiness, and a successful marriage - and it still remains so today and will continue till ages. While the styles of mangalsutra necklaces vary due to a bride's taste and liking (and while the groom's family no longer has the only say in what jewelry the bride wears!), the black and gold beads are standard features of a typical traditional mangalsutra. Any married Indian woman will own one to carry all the well wishes that her relatives gave during her marriage - as well as show off her newfound wife status and the bling that comes with it!

One of the most sacred customs in Hindu weddings since ages are tying the mangalsutra. A mangalsutra is basically a black and gold beaded necklace with a gold or diamond pendant in between. Mangalsutra carries immense importance and trust in Hindu weddings as well as in the lives of Hindu married women. Mangalsutra is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom during the wedding rituals. It is a symbol of marriage and is worn by the bride until her husband's death. The word mangalsutra can be deciphered as 'sacred thread or cord'; as 'mangal' means auspicious(Shubh) and 'sutra' means thread or cord. Though in appearance it looks like a jewelry item, it is definitely much more than that according to our rituals. The tradition is thought to have originated in South India, where it is known as thali or thaaly or maangalyam. It is a yellow thread painted with turmeric paste and is tied around the bride's neck with three knots, each knot tying carries a special meaning.

It is worn as a symbol of marital dignity and chastity. It is a promise from a husband to his wife that they will always stay together till death. It depicts the union of the husband and his wife and protects them from evil. The mangalsutra holds a history in Hindu marriages and rituals. In modern times, mangalsutra has also become a fashion statement with exclusive varieties. Women now go for exclusive designs and are ready to experiment on it. Thanks to the soap operas on the television that have significantly contributed to the change in the mindset of the society. The shape and size of mangalsutra may vary from state to state and region to region and person to person. In north India, it is a necklace with black and gold beads with either a gold or diamond pendant in it. In the west, it consists of two gold rounds with black beads in it.

Wearing the Mangalsutra - The Mangalsutra is not just a piece of jewelry that a woman wears, but it is considered to be one of the three most important ‘Soubagyalankar’ (Soubhagya = marital status as married; alankar = jewelery); an ornament that tells the world that the wearer of this ornament is a married woman. In ancient ages, the mangalsutra originally was just a basic yellow thread, dyed with turmeric paste to which the pendant or the ‘Tanmaniya’ is tied. Later it evolved as black and gold beads and are threaded on this sacred thread. The mangalsutra is placed around the woman’s neck by her husband during the marriage. The priest utters these mantras on behalf of the groom in Sanskrit, “Mangalyam thanthunanena mama jeevana hetuna / Kante badhnami shubage thwam jeeva sarada satam”, which translates into “This sacred thread is responsible for the wellbeing of my life. You are the one having many auspicious qualities. I am tying this thread around your neck with the hope that we live hundred long years together”. The mangalsutra is to be tied in three knots, each of which has special significance from the perspective of a marriage: the first knot signifies lasting loyalty to the husband, the second knot symbolizes commitment to the husband’s family and the third knot denotes devotion to the Almighty praying to him for protection of this precious bond. Although the first knot is tied by the groom, the second and the third knot is tied by the groom’s sister probably as a symbol of acceptance. Mangalsutras are generally long that reaches a woman’s chest, but in some variations, it may be just like a necklace which is worn around the neck. It generally ends in a pendant either made of gold, or gold along with diamonds or crystals. It is believed that the woman should never part from her mangalsutra as long as her husband is alive. It is mandatory for widows to discard the mangalsutras along with other ornaments symbolic of marriage ‘soubhagya’. It is considered to be an ill omen if the thread of mangalsutra is broken for some reason or by mistake. Mangalsutra - Regional Variations & Designs - Although the concept of mangalsutra comes off mainly as a north Indian marriage tradition, most cultures in India have their own variation and belief of the ornament. They differ in structure and material sometimes, but the basic concept of the Mangalsutra is the same. It is said that the concept has migrated to north Indian cultures from that in the south.


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